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About us
On January 1, the key was turned over to Regilio Bezemer and André Rohan. Regilio has been working in the fitness world for 18 years and started at the Health Spa in The Hague as an instructor and personal trainer. After 10 years he started for himself. His life revolves around sports. At first mainly by himself, but now his interest lies in coaching others. André has been active in the sports industry since 2007. His love for different sports made him focus on helping people achieve their sporting goals.

How it began
GFSF is a company that has been around for 10 years. It began as one of the first personal training studios in The Hague. More and more people find it important to be healthy and fit, so there is more and more interest in personal training. It is not only about training, but also nutrition, rest and other mental aspects. GFSF, unlike other pt studios, offers a complete range of services, so you can come to GFSF for a completely healthy and fit body. It is not just a pt studio, but a body style center.

With these plans comes a certain look. The logo has been changed to the color blue. The studios (Javastraat, Breitnerlaan and Schelpkade) have been largely refurbished. Also, all locations have new stickers in the color blue of the new corporate identity. Each location has 3 full-sized rooms to provide good, intensive training. Upon entering, the studios have a lounge with coffee corner where you can read a newspaper after or before your workout while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. The point is to make you feel at home when you enter.

GFSF offers a number of new services such as:

– Bodytec, Dietician, Physical therapy, EMS physio, Mental coaching, Small group 3-5 people

In addition to all the innovations, the team at GFSF will remain largely the same with the current trainers. Of course, the team will be expanded with personal trainers, as well as dieticians and medical trainers.

At GFSF you can find personalized services for everyone, quality & service, short lines between personal trainers and physiotherapists, everything you need for a complete healthy and fit body under 1 roof, with and for people from the area.

For more information please email info@gfsf.nl or call 06-13736260.