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During an intake interview, we are happy to advise you on how bodytec can help you to become fitter and possibly to rehabilitate injuries.


Bodytec is an innovative training method that uses an EMS device. This stands for Electro Muscle Stimulation. During a bodytec training, your muscles are stimulated for 20 minutes by a stimulation suit with electrodes. As a result, muscle fibers are activated to the maximum during a bodytec training, so that we create results faster. During a workout you mainly use your own body weight, while you do intensive exercises. This gives you the best results for muscle building and recovery after injuries and complaints. Your joints are relieved during a bodytec training, because the electrodes of a bodytec device focus purely on the muscles. Recover faster and more effectively with a bodytec workout!
The training results in an active control of the muscles. It also ensures better blood circulation, more stable metabolism and healthy skin. A bodytec training only takes 20 minutes and is equivalent to 3 hours of intensive training. This is due to the interval method during this workout. The training targets all major muscle groups of the human body. You train your arms, legs, back, chest, abdomen and buttocks simultaneously in an intensive and effective way.
De voordelen van bodytec zijn:
-The contraction of the muscles ensures tighter connective tissue; -Intensity can be set per person; -Increases fitness and vitality; -Quick workout, means more time left; – Promotes muscle building; -Reduces back, shoulder and neck complaints; -The technology has been medically tested; -Total body workout or targeted training of individual muscle groups; – Metabolism and fat breakdown is stimulated -Improves the level of movement;
In addition to your personal training, it has recently become possible to also body tec in one of our studios. Take a trial lesson for €17.50 under the guidance of one of the GFSF trainers. Are you interested in this? Sign up now for a bodytec training. You can also book a lesson by sending an email to or book a bodytec training by going to the webshop. Then click on a bodytec workout and the amount of credits you want for it. For more information, please email or call 06-13736260.