About Me My name is Philippe Declemy and I have been working in the fitness world since 1996. My goal is to make you aware of your body again. Over the years I have developed my own vision. Using a holistic approach, your body will be rebalanced. By seeing the body as a whole, both …

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About Me My name is Tim and my passion is in sports. Life is all about enjoying the beautiful things. I believe that sports certainly have a positive influence on this. It makes you fitter and more energetic so that you can get the most out of it. I want to work with you on …

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About Me I am an all-round Personal Trainer and would like to work with you to achieve your goals. My complete total body workouts are always tailor-made and together we train the entire body! Do you have problems with daily stress. Often you feel like you are in a hurry and in need of some …

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