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Based on the completed intake, we conduct the intake interview. Here we go deeper into the completed information and map out your goals together.

12-week online coaching program Getting results is one thing, maintaining them is the art. We do this by building habits that will help you effortlessly shape a new lifestyle in the future. Creating habits takes a minimum of 3 months. Sustaining these 3 months is not easy; it takes patience and motivation. By working with a dietitian, it is easier to maintain a new lifestyle and get the best results. At GFSF you have the choice of 1 separate consultation where the dietician can give you tips and where you can spar about what will work for you. Through this consultation you will be helped on the right track. Besides a single consultation you can also opt for a 12-week program. Read on for more information about this program. Intake Prior to the intake you will receive an intake form. Based on the completed form we will have an intake interview. During this conversation we will go deeper into the information you provided and together we will define your goals. After the intake you will start working with the first advice until the first update. Weekly updates – You ask all your questions and we discuss progress using your progress log. In it we monitor sleep, stress and measurement data such as weight and/or circumference. – We discuss lifestyle factors sleep and stress and their influence on your process and how to improve it. – We adjust where necessary and set goals for the new week. – Where necessary, we link back to the trainer so that the process is aligned. 2 Coaching sessions can be scheduled online or offline Personal approach is number one, which is why there are two opportunities to schedule a 30-minute coaching session. During these sessions we can go deeper into your process and start the new period with a fresh perspective. Personal Nutritional Advice – Customized to your goals. – You will learn the basic principles behind nutrition. Scientifically based practical advice. – Learn the skills on how to reach your goals. Additional – Digital handbooks with information around nutrition and lifestyle. – Gain knowledge about nutrition and lifestyle so you understand how all lifestyle factors affect your progression. Weekly updates will be discussed via Whatsapp. Individual consultation Besides the 12 week coaching program it is also possible to book a separate consultation. During an individual consultation you have the opportunity to ask all your questions about nutrition and lifestyle. We look at where you are now and what your goals are. We do a brief nutritional analysis and based on this we look at what small steps you can take to eventually achieve your results. The advice discussed will be sent to you in a clear way. With this you can work independently. For more information you can always call 06-13736260 or email