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Do you have one or more injuries? Do the exercises you do at home no longer work? Recover faster and better through EMS physio The physical therapists at GFSF aim to help you with effective treatment so that you are pain and symptom free. By using a bodytec device, this is just a little easier with more results. This is a different treatment method than regular physical therapy. EMS Physio In addition to regular physical therapy sessions, GFSF also offers EMS physio. This is a physical therapy workout combined with a body test workout. Train for 20 minutes and reduce your injuries and symptoms as quickly as possible with bodytec. Bodytec is an innovative training method using an EMS device. This stands for Electro Muscle Stimulation. During a bodytec training the muscles are extra triggered by small electric shocks. Muscle fibers are maximally activated during a body test training, allowing us to create results faster. The workouts result in active muscle control, better blood flow, more stable metabolism and healthy skin. A bodytect workout lasts 20 minutes and is equivalent to 3 hours of intensive training, because of the interval method of this workout. There is a focus on the major muscle groups: arms, buttocks, legs, abdomen, chest and back. Because the electrodes activate the muscles, there is less focus on the joints, making recovery faster. In addition to the existing services, it is also possible to come to body mechanics (EMS physio) under the guidance of one of the GFSF physiotherapists if it is medically urgent. Of course, it is again allowed for everyone if the personal training studios and gyms are allowed to open completely. The benefits of EMS physio are: -Faster rehabilitation; -The contraction of the muscles tightens the connective tissue; -Intensity is adjustable per person; -Increases fitness and vitality; -helps pelvic floor complaints; -Quick workout, means more time left over; -Promotes muscle building; -Diminishes back, shoulder and neck pain; -The technology has been medically tested; -Total body workout or targeted training of individual muscle groups; -Stimulates metabolism and fat breakdown. -Improves level of movement;