Danny Snoek

About Me

My name is Danny Snoek and I started practicing yoga in 2003. Soon I became such a fan that in 2007 I went to India for a teacher training. There I went to ‘the motherland of yoga’ to experience even more how interesting and good the postures and exercises are for the human body. From the end of 2007 I started giving group classes myself, but I also continued to follow many trainings and workshops with well-known yoga teachers. The breathing exercises (gaining energy), the meditations (creating mental peace) but also the physical exercises (developing strength and flexibility) I continued to deepen. In 2010 I followed my first training with the American Robert Boustany, who taught yoga for more than 40 years and with whom I still go to training every year. He developed exercises and postures that specifically relate to ‘problem areas’, places where injuries often occur. By doing exercises specifically for those muscles (muscle groups) your body becomes stronger, more flexible and more balanced. The body experiences less wear and tear, experiences space and therefore you are literally more comfortable in your own skin. I have been using this style for years as a Personal Trainer to make you stronger, more flexible and vital, and at the same time create more mental peace.

In addition to Different Forms of Yoga, I have also specialized in Shiatsu, Mindfulness, Oxygene Advantage, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Touch for Health and am doing training as a Mental coach.