Personal Training

Achieve your optimal result with personal training

Are you looking for an effective way to achieve your goals or do you want active time for yourself? During our personal training we focus our full attention on you.

Personal training is possible with us in different ways. But it is always characterized by the following elements:

  • You always train under personal, professional guidance
  • You train when it suits you
  • You train based on a personal training plan in which sport, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are central
  • You will be guided by a movement advisor with expertise in the field of movement. This ensures the ideal balance between load and load capacity of your body.

We think it is important that you find a training that suits your needs. That is why we always first make an appointment for a personal intake interview without obligation. This gives us a good understanding of ​​which personal trainer of our team best suits your personality, objective(s), expectations, any physical limitations and available time. You then do a health check with one of our trainers. This is part of the procedure and is mandatory at GFSF. The health check shows us how healthy and strong you are and whether you already have training experience. After this you will work together with your own trainer in our luxurious personal training studios, in the open air or at your home.

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