Small Group Training

Guided training in small groups

In addition to regular services such as personal training, physiotherapy and bodytec, it is also possible to follow small group training at GFSF. If you prefer not to follow a training alone and would like to exercise in a group, you can opt for small group training. Think of a running training, a high impact workout, boot camp or yoga.

Characteristics of a group training:

  • You always train under personal, professional guidance
  • You train in small groups at predetermined times and locations according to a schedule
  • You can have the group training sessions perfectly match your personal training plan in which sport, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are central and are coordinated
  • You will be guided by a movement advisor with expertise in the field of movement. This ensures the ideal balance between load and load capacity of your body

Ask about the possibilities or schedule an intake to draw up a personal, balanced training plan for you.

Schedule Small Group Training

View the schedule for the various training courses online.

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