Starting exercising again after the holidays? Tackle it this way!

Have you not exercised for a while due to the holidays? Then it might be hard to start again. The start is not going to be easy and you may be hoping to get right back to your old routine. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Your muscles need to get used to the workouts again first. Fortunately, there is such a thing as muscle memory. This is because your muscles remember which muscles you built up before this. What is the best way to start exercising again after a break or holiday? We will explain that below. 1. Start slowly You may want to push hard to reach your goals again, but your body needs time to get used to those weights and exercises. Therefore, start slowly and, above all, not too heavy. Train for a little less time and use lighter weights. Also, give yourself a little more time between sets. 2. Set goals Challenge yourself by setting goals. Of course, you can do this in consultation with your trainer. What is achievable and when are you really challenged? Pursuing goals makes a person happy and it also motivates you to keep doing well. 3. Be consistent It is important to start again after your holiday, but make sure it does not stop at 1 time. Stay consistent and, for example, schedule a workout with your personal trainer every week and go for a walk with your neighbour once a week. This will keep you motivated and avoid having to start “over” every time. 4. Make a schedule It may take some getting used to again, but a good schedule will get and keep you on track. Especially if you want to pick up a healthy lifestyle again after your holidays. Plan your workouts, but also your meals. A good balance will help you keep it up for longer. 5. Give yourself a motivation boost What motivates you to exercise? Take a look at your sports behaviour over the past year. Why do you come to GFSF and train with one of our trainers? And what keeps you from skipping a workout? Try to draw points from this that will make it easier for you to motivate yourself. 6. Work out together Maybe you always train alone with a personal trainer, but it is also great fun to train together. It also provides extra motivation because someone else expects you to be at the training too. This gives you a good time to catch up on holiday.