About Me My name is Inge and I look forward to working together! Fitness, health & sports are my passion! I really enjoy the opportunity to share this passion with everyone around me. My training style is dynamic, fun and energetic. I like functional training, core stability, flexibility, strength training and endurance training. I have …

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About Me Hey! My name is Stacey and I have enjoyed working in the sports and fitness industry for 8 years. Sports is my passion and my life! In addition to achieving the set personal goals, Personal Training enables awareness of your body and that makes a major positive contribution to both physical and mental …

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About Me Gruezi! As a born Swiss, ski fanatic and lover of kickboxing, spinning and body balance, I turned my sporting hobby into my job in 1998 and have, ever since, been working with heart and soul as a personal trainer and instructor. I completed my training studies as a personal trainer / rehabilitation coach …

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About Me I am Margot. I am a trainer who ensures that goals are achieved with a big smile on my face. Sports is a lot of fun! If you have never experienced this before, then I challenge you to get started with me. I provide varied and challenging training courses that fit in well …

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About Me My name is Tim and my passion is in sports. Life is all about enjoying the beautiful things. I believe that sports certainly have a positive influence on this. It makes you fitter and more energetic so that you can get the most out of it. I want to work with you on …

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About Me The best thing about my job is that I can help many people to become healthier and happier. Together we take up the challenge and step by step we will get closer to the end result. During my experience as a personal trainer I have noticed that people focus too much on the …

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About Me Welcome, my name is Brian and I would like to motivate and advise you in the sport. Personal training is always tailor-made and no two people are the same. Depending on your goal, body type and fitness, I create a personal training program for you so that we can achieve the desired goal …

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About Me Hey! My name is Roxanne and from my childhood I have had a lot of affinity with nutrition and health. Ultimately, I chose to turn my passion into action; since 2011 I have been working as a Health Coach. I think it is great to guide and support people in the field of …

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