About Me Welcome, my name is Brian and I would like to motivate and advise you in the sport. Personal training is always tailor-made and no two people are the same. Depending on your goal, body type and fitness, I create a personal training program for you so that we can achieve the desired goal …

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About Me Hey! My name is Roxanne and from my childhood I have had a lot of affinity with nutrition and health. Ultimately, I chose to turn my passion into action; since 2011 I have been working as a Health Coach. I think it is great to guide and support people in the field of …

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About Me I am an all-round Personal Trainer and would like to work with you to achieve your goals. My complete total body workouts are always tailor-made and together we train the entire body! Do you have problems with daily stress. Often you feel like you are in a hurry and in need of some …

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Personal Training

Personal training is characterized by a number of aspects: Training under personal guidance Training based on a personal training plan in which sports, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are central. Guided by a movement consultant with expertise in the field of movement ensure the ideal balance between load and resilience to achieve your (training) objective …

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Do you have one or more injuries? Recover faster and better through physiotherapy and EMS physio Our physiotherapists are all graduated and have a medical background. They are specialized in the treatment of back, neck and pelvic complaints. Every day they are happy to use their knowledge and expertise to answer their customers’ complaints. Following …

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