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During an intake interview, we are happy to advise you on how medical training can help you get fitter and possibly rehabilitate from injuries.

Medical training
Do you have one or more injuries? Do you want to recover after surgery?
Are you walking around with an injury? Most people stop exercising because they are afraid the injury will not go away. With the right guidance, an injury actually heals faster and stays away longer, if at all.
Our medical trainers all have medical training and/or background. Following the intake interview, we determine whether it is appropriate for you to work with a medical trainer. After an intake interview you will start working with a medical trainer through a health check. A health check is part of the procedure and is mandatory. We do this to find out what the zero point is.
A medical trainer examines your complaints and then looks at the possibilities. After this he or she (possibly together with a physio or personal trainer) makes a treatment plan to make your injury heal faster and not come back.

We also advise you during the intake interview which training frequency suits your situation. It is possible to train with a medical trainer in our luxury PT studios, outdoors or at your home.
Of course our core values are also paramount during these medical training sessions: The training sessions are fun, effective and dynamic!

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