About Me

My name is Philippe Declemy and I have been working in the fitness world since 1996. My goal is to make you aware of your body again. Over the years I have developed my own vision. Using a holistic approach, your body will be rebalanced. By seeing the body as a whole, both physically and emotionally, I strive for physical awareness. The body is in an unnatural position for most of the day. Blockages and physical complaints arise. During my training I first make sure that the body is in the correct, natural position for you. Only when the whole body has the correct posture do we start to strain the body. By training the body from the right position, we ensure that the body in the right position becomes stronger and functions better. This will reduce or disappear blockages and daily complaints. In combination with exercises for at home, you are able to intervene when necessary.

My Expertise

+ Fitness + Posture