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During an intake interview, we are happy to advise you on how often it is desirable to visit the physiotherapist.

Do you have one or more injuries? Recover faster and better through physiotherapy and EMS physio Our physiotherapists are all graduated and have a medical background. They are specialized in the treatment of back, neck and pelvic complaints. Every day they are happy to use their knowledge and expertise to answer the complaints of their customers. Following the intake interview, we will determine whether it is desirable for you to work with a physiotherapist. We are also happy to advise you during the intake interview how often it is desirable to visit a physiotherapist. Currently, you can simply drop by one of our PT studios for a physiotherapy session. By using EMS physio you will have even faster results. You can already make progress with a training of 20 minutes. This treatment method is recommended by physiotherapists, because you only use your muscles during a workout. This relieves your joints. Injuries will disappear or diminish even faster.