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About Me

My name is Roos London. An enthusiastic, sporty dietitian with the mission to make you love nutrition. A diet should not be a punishment. Nutrition is functional, fun and above all something to enjoy. Our diet has a great influence on our physical health and how we feel. It is my job to share this knowledge with you in a practical way. I take an individual approach to nutrition with each person. During my consultations, in addition to nutritional advice, I also address underlying issues such as sleep deprivation, stress and lack of exercise. A healthy relationship with food and your own body is central.

You are welcome at my office for personal guidance towards a healthy diet and lifestyle in which you feel energetic and positive.

Together we will tackle your goal without crazy nutrition rules, forbidden products and diet myths, but with realistic tips and sustainable behavioral change with long-term success as a result.My motto: Food is your friend, not your enemy.